Im not going to write a fantasy song. Even a song like ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ really isn’t a fantasy. There’s substance to the dream. Because you’ve seen it, you know? In order to have a dream, there’s something in front of you. You have to have seen something or have heard something for you to dream it. It becomes *your* dream then. Whereas a fantasy is just your imagination wandering around. I don’t really look at my stuff like that. It’s happened, it’s been said, I’ve heard it: I have proof of it. I’m a messenger. I get it. It comes to me so I give it back in my particular style.” - Bob Dylan [x]

Why mandys blog appears like not found why life is so sad

Anonymous asked: israel is just doing what the people use to do to them its a shame. you know what i mean- hitler yeah- its stupid that they should do that though

Violence doesnt resolve violence what they are doing is not okay and what do u mean about hitler are you saying that bc the wwll happened they can do this now as a revenge or something?? Its horrible that that genocide happened but i dont understand u????



Some 500 people on Monday staged a silent protest in Tokyo against the bloodshed in Gaza, the biggest such gathering in the Japanese capital since the violence began early this month.

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I read about this yesterday and being a George fan, I think it’s so sad because the tree was a symbol of something that gave George so much happiness in life and was such a beautiful tribute to him. It’s definitely ironic that it was ‘beetles’ that killed the tree. But in an offbeat way I can almost hear George having a chuckle over the irony and saying something witty. Thankfully it’s being replanted and once it’s back, it will continue to bring beauty to this world, just like the man for whom it was named after.



Bob Dylan the song and dance man


Bob Dylan the song and dance man

I didn’t feel anything.